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What is social Media marketing? Importance of social media marketing, benefits and how it works etc.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media is the process of promotion of brands, business and services through the social media platforms to connect with the potential customers at the same time throughout the world. Nowadays people spend more time on social media so its best way to grow your business, work on social media sites like – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. By this you can aware the people about you and your services and easily people can find you. 

social media marketing

Why it is important?

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing helps people to stay connected with each other and share their ideas and opinions. It is important to aware people , increase engagement and increase website traffic. 

Benefits of Social Media Marketing(SMM):-

  • Improve Your website page on search engine results page (SERP),
  • Boost your website traffic,
  • Know the audience interest,
  • Keep check on competitors,
  • Attract target audience engagement.
  • How social media marketing works ?

You should be active on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote your brand, business, and services. It’s also important to follow social media influencers. to show your brands, business, and services. Learn and follow the social influencers.

5 Pillars of Social Media Marketing

There are some important pillars of social media marketing given below are such as:-

Social Strategy

To elaborate our idea we need to make first social media strategy . Now you are wondering how to make relation with client.

Set your goal;

Reach of the people;

choose your content wisely so that you can directly connect with the your client.

Planning and Publishing

Day by day number of social media users increasing. Concentrate on your consistent presence on social media. That is the way they can show their brands to the potential customers. Publishing an attractive and informative content and sharing videos or pictures on your social media profile.

Listening and Publishing

In Initial phase your business page may not have much followers but if you start consistent presence posting engaging content you may find growing and they can start sharing your content. So always listen to your audience through comments and direct messages if they facing some problems try to resolve it and if they are giving you positive feedback then appreciate them.

Analytics and Reporting

This is important for checking your post or page is performing one of the important metrics. Many company look for some reports to analyze them.


One of the best way to reach your potential customers by social media ads. When you start investing in social media ads it will spread awareness about your brand to the audience.

How social media can help to boost your campaign marketing ?

One way to improve your business is by increasing the level of awareness of your brand.

To assist the writing process, these Grammarly AI prompts were used:

Helps to increase your website traffic

Can boost your conversion rate

Promote your brands or products videos on social media

How to boost social media marketing strategy

Set a goal

Write a social media content publishing plan

Share links on your social media post

Keep check on competitors1

To promote videos, articles and infographics on social media

Analyze the market and make content

Keep a track of your social media post

social media marketing

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Helps in connecting a large audience
  • Connecting your audience directly
  • On social media, your content can viral
  • For Free you can creating and post your organic content
  • You can provide your product information


You can have negative feedback if your product is not performing well.

It takes time to engage an audience

Your business get trouble by sharing other content

You should spend time to monitoring your campaign


Every business play a major role creating a awareness of their brands. By using a social media strategies you can increase your website visibility and build a good relationship with your customers.

Now you know that social media has many advantages for starting a business on social media platforms and make life ease. By regular post and high quality content you can entertain and attract your customers.

70% of the internet users active on social media platforms and its become a part of life people interact with each other, know and obviously trust. This is why social media is no longer probation , but instead it is important part of the business.

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